2. Bristol As It Was

Reece published 37 volumes of photographs from the collection. His son, John has published a further seven volumes, including an index of photographs.
A brief biography of Reece appears in vol. 40. As a result of this successful publishing project, Bristol enjoys an unparalleled photographic record.

A fair number of new copies of various titles of this long-running and authoritative series are available by post. They are only available from Reece Winstone Archive, not from bookshops or wholesalers.

2.1 Index of Published Photographs

In the main the Bristol collection has been published in 41 volumes, with just a few important exceptions and some colour work.
An electronic, cumulative index of the published Bristol photographs has been completed. Each photograph was considered under 475 subject categories and was issued with 1st edition 1889 Ordnance Survey maps of the central area. It may be consulted on computer at Bristol Record Office, 'B' Bond, Smeaton Way, Bristol BS1 6NX (tel 0117-9224224).

The index of photographs (but not the maps), may be downloaded electronically on request - see section 3.3.


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Bristol As It Was, Vol.1, front cover
Bristol City Centre, First Week of the Second Elizabethan Age.


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